Monthly Archives: December 2011

Eggstravagaza II

Nearly a year and a half after the first Eggstravaganza, we decided it was time for another. Cheryl made swedish meatballs, served in egg halves. ¬†They were ¬†amazing, although Meatball+Egg wasn’t particularly more exciting than just Meatball.

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Wholesome Memories II

Not wanting to be outdone by the cubecake, Beth made Alex a cake shaped like a Kit Kat Clock.

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Buffalo Chicken Sundae

Our friend Peter came up with this idea: it’s bleu cheese ice cream, cayenne pepper sauce hot fudge and chicken-flavored whipped cream sprinkled with chopped celery!

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Cough Syrup Sundae Extra Strength

It’s cold and flu season again! Today we topped our cough syrup ice cream with chicken-flavored whipped cream, Nyquil and a cough drop!

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