Pumpkin Spice Bacon and Eggs

As the days get cooler and the nights get longer, it approaches: Pumpkin Spice Season.

Every year it seems there are more pumpkin spice flavored items on the market. From lattes and donuts to english muffins, Milanos, Oreos, and Twinkies; nothing is sacred.  Of course, we couldn’t be left out.

Beth’s friend George cures his own bacon, and this year he decided that one of his flavors should be pumpkin spice.  George wanted his food crime recorded in perpetuity on our blog.

Though it’s an unusual flavor, the Unwholesome Foods team was concerned that this wouldn’t be unwholesome enough.  We mostly expected it would be delicious.  So we decided it needed accompaniment.

We considered a few egg preparations.  Devilled?  Scrambled? Eventually we decided we needed an omelette, with not only pumpkin spice, but full-fledged pumpkin pie filling.

We were a little lazy and bought the pie filling pre-made.  We beat some eggs with a bit of salt and yogurt for fluffiness, then poured them in the pan.  

At the same time, we started cooking the bacon.  It immediately started smelling like pie.

Just before folding the omelette, we spread a rich layer of pie filling across the entire thing.


Alex: Not bad. Pretty satisfying. 

Kristen: Like putting maple syrup on your eggs.

Beth: The bacon with its saltiness hits that same flavor zone as honey roasted nuts.

So the bacon, with its mild but clear pumpkin spice flavor, was indeed delicious.  And our unwholesome addition was surprisingly acceptable, and not that different from pumpkin pie itself.

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