There is nothing like serving deviled eggs as hors d’oeuvres at a cocktail party. It always bothered us that they were called “deviled”, though. It sounds like they should be evil somehow, and yet, they are so wholesome and delicious! Well, we decided it was high time to make our very own unwholesome version. Deviled egg, indeed!



First, hard boil the eggs: put the eggs in a pot of water, bring to boil, turn off heat, let sit for 10 min and immediately cool eggs in ice water. Tip: use older eggs and not fresh eggs to make peeling them easier.

Peel the eggs and cut them in half lengthwise. Scoop the yolks out into bowl and put the egg whites on a plate. Traditionally, the yolks are then mixed with mayonnaise or mustard and spooned back onto the egg whites. However, you can also mix the egg yolks with other, less wholesome ingredients. Here are some ideas!


-Crush a Cadbury Creme egg and mix with the cooked egg yolk!

Cadbury Egg and Yolks

-Mix the egg yolk with maple syrup, or yogurt, or peanut butter!

Maple Syrup and Egg Yokes

-Mix egg yolks with sri racha peas (which are like wasabi peas) and mayonnaise. Tip: first grind the sri racha peas to a powder in a coffee grinder.

Sri Racha Powder

-Not quite the level of unwholesome you were hoping to achieve? Mix Gatorade powder into the egg yolks and mayonnaise! Have you heard some people say that eggs are the perfect food because they contain everything needed to build a healthy chick? Now you can eat eggs with MORE ELECTROLYTES THAN YOUR BODY HAS ROOM FOR! We call this unwholesome creation the GatorEgg.


If you are like us, you are now thinking “what about alcohol?!” So, we tried mixing beer with the egg yolks, but the result was so foul that we couldn’t in good conscience add the mixture to any otherwise perfectly edible egg whites.


We then served the deviant deviled eggs to our enemies guests at our Eggstravaganza party.


Note that vegan deviled eggs (hummus in halved avocados) is a brilliant and wholesome idea.  There were also some delicious and wholesome deviled eggs made by our friends Yelena and Diane.  Theirs were yolks mixed with mayo, spinach, and crumbled bacon, and also yolks mixed with avocado and spicy sauce.  Yum!


Beth: The peanut butter eggs were a little too dry. Used too much peanut butter, I think. Maple was good, yogurt was boring. Creme egg was great! Just like a Cadbury egg, but less overwhelmingly sweet.  I liked the GatorEggs. Most other people didn’t. The sri racha eggs were quite good. The beer eggs were vile and should never have been tried.

Kristen: The thought of tasting another GatorEgg turns my stomach 😦

Yelena: I tried one of the GatorEggs accidentally, and it was vile.

Kim: The GatorEgg lured me in with its adorable name and then introduced me to a world of nausea I had never experienced before.

Alex: I thought the GatorEggs were pretty awesome.

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11 Responses to GatorEgg

  1. steven says:

    That’s funny too.

  2. Phat Chow says:

    haha I’m loving your random genius method of creation…(not because it’s eerily similar to my blogging style or anything…)

    totally satisfied with my decision to subscribe : D

    Keep keepin it real!

  3. minify says:

    I almost just died laughing while reading your blog. It’s creative and disturbing and hilarious all at the same time. I think the reviews are the real stroke of genius.

  4. Your reviews are the best part! I love this blog!

  5. May says:

    I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at such a culinary disaster! KEEP IT UP!

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  7. Karol says:

    MARK is right. Ice water bath helps them to peel more easy. If you still want to eat the eggs warm, then just give them a guick rinse in cold running water for a few sdcnoes after pouring off the hot water. O You must remember, after you crack the egg, and remove a piece of the shell, make sure to peel a piece of the membrane off with it, otherwise the shell will not come off as easily. It is a very delicate situation but if you have a little bit of fingernail, you can gingerly get the membrane with the shell, then it peels easily. If you give them a little cold running water while you are peeling the eggs, the water will seep under the broken shell and you can get the membrane with the shell, which is even better.Make your own mayo. It’s very uncomplicated. If not, use Hellmann’s mayo. I am fortunate to have in my health food market, freshly made mayonnaise from France,(I suppose it’s not so fresh anymore after traveling that distance) just for those days when I am lazy in the kitchen. Granted, traveling so far is not good for the environment, but it sure beats Miracle Whip and off-named products and it does taste fresher than the supermarket kind.

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