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Baked Alaska, Maced

We’re no antifa super soldiers, and we slept through November 4th, but we still wanted to make a bombe. A dessert bombe, that is. Baked Alaska is an ice cream cake coated in a meringue shell and can often be … Continue reading

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Red Velveeta Cake

“Red velvet cake” is a weird name for a cake, if you think about it. We might naively assume that “velvet” describes the texture and not one of the ingredients. But what if were an ingredient? Introducing: red Velveeta cake! We … Continue reading


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Unwholesome Foods is now on Twitter!

We’re tweeting as @unwholesomefood on Twitter! We’ll update you on our (admittedly very sporadic) posts and share links to unwholesome foods we find on the internet.

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