Buffalo Chicken Sundae

Our friend Peter came up with this idea: it’s bleu cheese ice cream, cayenne pepper sauce hot fudge and chicken-flavored whipped cream sprinkled with chopped celery!

Buffalo Chicken Sundae

The bleu cheese ice cream recipe comes from The Perfect Scoop. The cayenne pepper hot fudge was a combination of store bought hot fudge and cayenne pepper sauce in a ratio of approximately 2:1.

Cayenne Pepper Sauce and Hot Fudge

For the chicken-flavored whipped cream, our first idea was to whip chicken bouillon into the cream, but the bouillon did not dissolve.

whipped cream with bouillon

Instead, the heavy cream should be gently stirred over low heat to dissolve the chicken bouillon cube in the cream (use the ratio of bouillon to water recommended on the package but replace the water with cream). Then, once the chicken-flavored cream is cooled, it can be whipped.

We scooped the bleu cheese ice cream onto a bed of romaine lettuce and buffalo chicken wings. Then, we topped it with the chicken whipped cream, chopped celery and a hot pepper.

Gorgonzola Ice Cream on Romaine

Peter Handles the Buffalo Wings

Peter handles the buffalo wings, wearing protection

Buffalo Chicken Sundae


Peter: Surprisingly good for what it is. The bleu cheese cools both the heat from the pepper sauce and the heat of the wings themselves.

Alex: Finally a use for that awful ice cream! This almost redeems that recipe. Maybe we should make chicken ice cream.

Beth: Astonishingly, I’m actually willing to eat the bleu cheese ice cream this way. We really needed darker chocolate, more chocolate, and more wings per scoop of ice cream. I actually enjoyed the chicken whipped cream.

Beth's version is topped with a dinosaur chicken nugget

Beth topped her sundae with a dinosaur-shaped chicken nugget.

Kristen: The cayenne pepper hot fudge would be an excellent topping for wings. The chicken whipped cream tastes good but makes me sick to think of it.

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