Eggstravagaza II

Nearly a year and a half after the first Eggstravaganza, we decided it was time for another.

Cheryl made swedish meatballs, served in egg halves.  They were  amazing, although Meatball+Egg wasn’t particularly more exciting than just Meatball.

Yelena made thee kinds of wholesome deviled eggs: cheddar-bacon, avocado, and smoked salmon.  They were also really amazing.

Beth made deviled Cabury creme eggs.  She carefully unwrapped three eggs, split them in half, and removed the sugary filling.  She filled them with deviled egg yolk, reattached the halves, and rewrapped them in their original wrappers.  She put the three deviled Cadbury eggs back in the box with one real, unaltered Cadbury creme egg.

After our party had been going on for a while, our guests finally noticed the box of creme eggs.  The first person to try one was our friend Charles.  Charles got the real Cadbury egg, and other people grabbed the rest of the eggs, lulled into a false sense of security by Charles’ wholesome experience.  Our friend Erik was the first to bite into a deviled creme egg and experience the unexpected egg yolk.

Astonishingly, he liked it.  Our friend Stephanie willingly ate the next deviled creme egg knowing full well what it was, and she also liked it.  However, we think she’s some kind of weird oviraptor anyway, because when we had hardboiled quail eggs, she ate them with the shells still on, so her opinions are suspect.  Other people split the last deviled creme egg. Beth, Cheryl, and Kristen all agreed that it wasn’t bad, although it wasn’t really good enough to bother making again.


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