Fish and Chips

(Tuna) Fish and (Various) Chips

We were looking for a simple and plausibly edible edition to our lunchtime menu. We decided to put the “England” back in “New England cuisine” with our rendition of fish and chips. In line with traditions of our ancestors, of which approximately 1/64th might be Scottish, we used foods native to Britain that have historically thrived in the agricultural conditions of the isles, namely chocolate, banana and chickpea chips over tuna and mayo.


Alex: It puts the sand in sandwich. Too crunchy.

Beth: That’s the banana chips. They’re too hard, and one of them kind of stabbed me in the cheek.

Alex: Because you’re not expecting that in a sandwich.

Beth: Yeah, you can’t coordinate eating a pointy thing like that when you also have a soft thing.

Alex: The chocolate chips are a little too stiff and chewy for the sandwich texture, but flavorwise they were good. Really the savory flavors of the chocolate came through without much of the sweetness.

Kristen: With the banana chips, there was a sweetness, and it was only after you swallowed that you resolved the cinnamon.

Beth: Yeah, the lingering cinnamon was a little odd, but the sweetness was fine.

Alex: The Hip Pea chips were the right amount of crunch for the sandwich.

Beth: Yes, they were a very good amount of crunch.

Kristen: And they added a little bit of salt.

Beth: Yeah, they were actually a pretty good addition. I would do the Hip Peas regularly. With the chocolate chips, the flavor is good but texture not so much.

Kristen: What about a Nutella spread?

Beth: It might be too sweet. You might need a hot fudge.

Alex: You already have the dark chocolate flavor.

Kristen: Maybe like a cocoa powder mixed in?

Alex: Or just like melted chocolate chips, or chocolate flakes instead of chocolate chips.

Kristen: Or a chocolate bread.

If you try any of our chocolate fish alternative ideas, let us know how they work out!

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  1. mikka says:

    If you think the cocoa is working well with the tuna (I admit to being dubious), you might try one of the dark rye breads that has cocoa and molasses in it.

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