Party Time

Despite what you may think, we at Unwholesome Foods actually have a number of friends who enjoy our company.  They invite us to their parties, and they show up at our parties.  Sometimes they inspire us to create terrifying new things, and sometimes they make a few of their own.

Some of our friends recently got a slider press.  What could be more appetizing than mold-formed meat?  Well, the same friends also found some giant marshmallows.  We took some of these little burgers straight off the George Foreman grill and put each one inside a split marshmallow.  Beth wanted ketchup and couldn’t find any, so she put some peanut butter on hers.

We thought the burgers were too dry.  The Fat-Reducing properties of a Foreman Grill take out a lot of the tasty oils, and the peanut butter didn’t help the problem.  A nice thick pat of butter might have been a better idea.  Or cheese.  Maybe even mayo.  Toasting the marshmallow to soften it may have helped, too.  Future experimentation is in order.

At a party this summer, our friend Matt made these beauties: Corn popsicles with barbeque sauce tips.

The barbeque sauce didn’t freeze very well, so a lot of it ended up sticking to the plastic wrappers.  However,  most people agreed that this sauce-loss was actually a good thing that brought the corn and sauce to the right proportions.  The corn-pops were a big hit with the crowd, although the barbeque sauce was too spicy for some, and the corn part was a little dense and dry.  These also deserve another experiment.

Furthermore, without comment, we present this watermelon.

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