Raw Pie

Raw foodies claim that heating food will denature proteins, reduce the food’s inner nutritional value and destroy precious micronutrients. Raw foodies know that the energy of a food cannot be solely defined using such limited fields of human endeavor as physics and chemistry. Therefore, in honor of Pi Day last week (3/14), we present this recipe for raw pie.

Raw pie slice


We suspect that many varieties of doughs and batters can be used to make raw pies. We prepared a buttery pie crust using the recipe in Pie & Tart (Williams-Sonoma Collection). Then, we filled it with lava cake batter and topped it with French meringue, both prepared by following the recipes in BakeWise. Finally, we decorated the top with a rosette and leaves made of chocolate chip cookie dough using the recipe in Joy of Cooking: 75th Anniversary Edition – 2006.

Raw pie

After enjoying slices of raw pie, we decided to bake it 350F for 30 min. The lava cake darkened but did not solidify, and the meringue became lightly toasted.

Baked raw pie

Baked raw pie


Beth: Absolutely amazing! Raw, it was creamy, rich and satisfying, but not too rich. Cooked, it was amazing but in an entirely different direction. It was flaky with the chocolate being just the right place between molten and solid and the meringue nicely golden but not overdone. This is a thing we should keep making even when we are not being unwholesome. I want to make it for a holiday!

Alex: It was pretty delicious. (I’m not much of a review writer.)

Yelena: Delicious and decadently rich.

Kristen: Delicious! We usually have much more to write because we offer ideas for improvement, but this pie is already awesome 🙂 We can perhaps elaborate upon it by using sugar cookie dough as well.

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3 Responses to Raw Pie

  1. justin says:

    Make 2, cook 1. Serve a slice of each on the same plate together!

  2. Katya says:

    Mmmmm, tasty-looking!

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